Hospital Information System

  • Category: Managment System
  • Designer: Tariana Company
  • Completion time: Completing
  • Customers: Hospitals
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About Project

The fact is that today a hospital can not continue to manually process the patient's outpatient case. Lowering admission time, discharge time, patient's transfer time, accounting, time of ordering and paraclinical requests, response time, time to refer to previous records of the case, increasing the accuracy of insertion of information and requests that are manually illegible. There is an acceleration of interpersonal communication and ultimately increasing patient satisfaction, providing better services, receiving daily and daily statistics, reporting hospital income and expenses, adjusting forces, etc., which are the requirements of the hospital to HIS several times. he does. In order to increase the accuracy and speed of patient service delivery, expediting the formation of a hospital file, rapid file recovery for various purposes, such as research and study of relevant students, and the easy use of medical records, ... HIS is required in every hospital. .